NUFC V's SAFC 31.10

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NUFC V's SAFC 31.10 Empty NUFC V's SAFC 31.10

Post  NUFC Gremlin on Mon Oct 25, 2010 12:08 pm

Well it's going to be a lively one.......CP a plenty!!!Ur thoughts!!!

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NUFC V's SAFC 31.10 Empty Re: NUFC V's SAFC 31.10

Post  Eustace on Wed Jan 04, 2012 11:37 pm

the game was pretty nerve-racking ... only saw the second half of the time, quite a number of times the heart was stopped. the first-half as much I can say that the game was relatively equal: in the first half controlling the ball over Newcastle, West Brom over the second half. Although these attacks were found to be dangerous, and could only do one after the shock. We had a lot of situations, however, is something of particular concern. Second Half started off well in the first minute when Owen scored with Emre Crossing. and as soon as the gates were left WBA pressure. A few minutes later, they were pretty good situations, but was lacking in mastery, or the attackers Given a brilliant control. Anyway, could not hit them out of the gate. thankfully! it was a pretty good chance we have, as Emre kornerist Owen was faced, but the defender headed the ball to go straight to set up. West Bromi continued pressure and they were faced once again dangerous to play. fortunately, failed to capture any kotikud. 66.minutil came in to replace Ameobi and Shearer Dyer 71.minutil N'Zogbia replaced. 78.minutil Shearer gave the pass to the left edge, where there was a dyer. Set plays and he's moving on Owenile who created the gate of the smoothness of the ball. Now set up two minutes later with a third Ramage'i Shearer Crossing. Owenil should have a Newcastle shirt but with 4 goals. Sheareril was the third this season (the other Premiers). k├╝mndendaks table position changed to the 3-0 victory. rumored to have said Freddy Sounessile thick that if the qualification is not attained, it is going. Birminghamiga 5 November next game at home, who started the season badly, and just lying around on the penultimate position. Everton, even if they won, and then we must also be able to suudamegi!;


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